Friday, June 6, 2008

A little Pregnant After Infertility

OK, so you've tried for years to get pregnant! You've spent your entire adult life (or at least it seems like it) planning lunch dates, field trips and meetings around your biological ticking time bomb of a clock. You've wasted way too much time watching the thermometer, used miles of toilet paper checking for Aunt Flo and peed on SO MANY ( literally thousands) of Clear Blue Easy early pregnancy test strips that you've become as one INCIIDer calls it a PEE Stick Addict.

Then it FINALLY happens ---- pay dirt... a positive Beta HCG Test (see the chart). You are overjoyed for about 15 seconds and then the reality sets in. You are a "little bit pregnant". What do you do next? We know this is scary. That's why INCIID was the FIRST to start forums on pregnancy after infertility. The journey is as hard as the previous trying to get pregnant state. But now the stakes are even higher.

Your infertile friends will now be steering completely clear of you because they can't stand the idea of you being pregnant but not them. Oh sure they are very happy for you but they remain happy "from a distance". Your fertile world friends don't get it at all. After all you've been trying to for so long -- why are you not jumping and leaping for joy? What on earth is wrong with you? To you it's another infertile day in a fertile world --- but wait you are "a little bit pregnant".
The joy of this pregnancy is not there. More waiting and hoping, ultrasounds and tests. It's another roller coaster ride. But there is light at the end of the tunnel at least.

If you are a little bit pregnant, in the early stages of pregnancy, worried after you discover you are newly pregnant, JOIN the CROWD here and get your pregnancy questions answered by Dr. Robert Greene, a reproductive endocrinologist with a great bedside manner and a lot of help to dish out.

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