Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't Crash and Burn - Planning Your Infertility Journey

In the world of infertility treatment - a multi-billion dollar a year industry, the media often paints a picture of rich couples trying to create designer babies. You and I know from our own infertility journeys that nothing could be farther from the truth. But how does someone know when the time has come to get off the infertility super highway before another truck hits us...Everyone who merges onto the fertility highway  exits with some dents and fender benders. The key is not to crash and burn in the process. Some couples get lost and lose each other and sometimes  themselves in the process. But many others are successful in their endeavor to build a family even if the way they do it leads to adoption or a child free life. The key to successfully resolving fertility is open communication and planning.

When starting out on the treatment road, couples should discuss their long and short term goals. Before setting foot into the office of a fertility specialist, together you should decide how far to take your struggle, whether or not you might go to all lengths or stop short of using a donor for both sperm and eggs, if you'll need a surrogate and how much time or how many years you will give medical treatment. Open communication with your partner and collecting your thoughts on when and what you want to do will go a long way in your infertility journey. Success may be different for each individual. Success can be full term pregnancy, remaining child free or possibly moving to adoption. There is a great deal to learn and careful planning before you leap can save you from crashing and burning.

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