Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Wall Street and Medicine Might Have in Common!

What do you think about this doctor - Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care
Dr. Jack Cassell, a Mount Dora, Florida urologist, lets present and future patients know to go elsewhere if they voted for Obama.

I found an interesting article by Stephen Hudak in the Orlando Sentinel. The article is about a urologist who put this sign (on the left) on the door of his practice. "If you voted for Obama, seek healthcare elsewhere."  The attitude of this doctor is, however, not surprising to me. Personally,  I do believe that if a physician turns away patients (whether that be directly or indirectly) due to personal or  political feelings, race et. al., his actions are unethical.

Urology does fall within the parameters of the work we do in educating the public about infertility issues. Just the infertility "business" is a multi-billion a year industry. This particular doctor's attitude is really a benefit to would-be patients. My advice to a patient seeking care from such a physician would be to run as fast as possible away and to another practitioner who might have his emotions and temper more in-check. A physician who feels this strongly about the "type" of patient he would not help (which includes most of the country as Obama did win the popular vote) suggests to me his professional judgment may be clouded. Could a physician really made an unbiased decision in what might be the best treatment for a patient under his care? What about "leanings" he might have that conflict with the thoughts of a patient under his care? It is a very slippery slope for a doctor who takes the Hippocratic Oath to put himself out there with this kind of political opinion. Or maybe the modern Hippocratic Oath needs to make exceptions in the case of . . . whatever!

As repugnant and unethical as I find the sign, it is really beneficial for perspective and current patients to know they might find better care elsewhere in an environment where personal opinions might not have effect on the kind of care they receive!.

My definition of a good doctor is one who has both the intellectual knowledge and practical skills combined with human empathy and compassion for his/her work with patients. Such doctors can be hard to find but they are around. I understand very well that medicine IS a business. However it  is good business to achieve a "fair profit" without gouging the public and while delivering good customer service and a quality product. Any good business including medical practice can also follow a moral compass! Healthcare for many doctors who have god-like complexes is a huge cash-cow. I do think there are many parallels between "Wall street" and the practice of medicine.

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